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Thanks Blackboard!

And again, LMS systems at their worst: When I randomize a set of questions, I cannot get statistics in the actual BlackBoard system…why?

Had to go and quickly hack something together for assessment – here it is, export in the long format and run…

[code lang=”perl”]
use strict;
use warnings;
# "Username","Last Name","First Name","Question ID","Question","Answer","Possible Points","Auto Score","Manual Score"
open(IN, "<Final.downloadlong.csv") or die;
while (<IN>) {
my @line = split ",";
next if $line[0] eq "Username";
$line[0] =~ s/"//gi;
$line[0] =~ s/s//gi;
$line[3] =~ s/"//gi;
$line[3] =~ s/[Question ID]//gi;
$line[3] =~ s/s//gi;

$line[$#line-1] =~ s/"//gi;
$line[$#line] =~ s/"//gi;

my $points = $line[$#line-1];
if ($line[$#line] ne "") {
$points = $line[$#line];

my $uname= $line[0];
my $question = $line[3];

print "$uname, $question, $pointsn";



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