Research Interests

Communication Networks: Beyond 5G wireless networks, Tactile Internet, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning ,Web of Skills, human-machine interfaces, multimedia networking over wired and wireless networks, software defined networking (SDN), video traffic characterization.

Science and Engineering Education: K-12 students, outreach, active learning, pedagogical agents

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Mobile Clouds

Mobile clouds embody social network concepts to provide a flexible platform for sharing distributed resources of mobile devices. Converged mobile, wireless, and social networks have the potential to become a key enabling technology of a novel resource trading paradigm called the shareconomy.
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Optimized Content Delivery

Our personal cloud devices connect through a range of networks and even share a broad range of content. We investigate the characteristics of this content and methods to efficiently deliver it to the device required to optimize the user experience.
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Multimedia Networking

Multimedia networking is challenging, as data is required at the receiving client with tight time constraints. We evaluate the performance of current and emerging video coding standards, especially for higher resolutions and mobile.
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Augmented Reality

The view2 project investigates AR as a main future visual display system allowing an overlap with the real world. We conduct research into how current mechanisms for content compression, evaluation, and delivery can be optimized for this new environment.
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