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Resurrecting a Dead SPOT

When a SPOT does not run anymore, or appear to be non-flashable, there are some short steps that can bring the SPOT back to life. The best results are in a freshly booted OS, without other things running. The total time per SPOT is max. 10 minutes, including the reboot of the OS.

  1. Disconnect the SPOT from USB.
  2. Use a Phillips screwdriver (9/64″ works well, typically available in a $-store pack if you need one) to remove the screw that holds the SPOT together.
  3. Carefully (remember to apply ESD protection if possible) take the SPOT apart; start by disconnecting the battery. You should now have three (or more) main components. Illustrated below are the three main parts: eSPOT (left), eDemo board (middle), and battery (right).
  4. Connect the main SPOT board (eSPOT), without the battery or the eDemo board through USB and perform the upgrade (ant upgrade).
  5. Disconnect the SPOT’s main board from USB.
  6. Reconnect the eSPOT with the eDemo board, but do not connect the battery.
  7. Reconnect the partially assembled SPOT to USB and perform another upgrade (ant upgrade), which should go smoothly.
  8. Reconnect the battery, find the screw, and put the SPOT back together.

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