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ADK Setup

Windows Example (different IDEs for Mac/Linux)

1. Install Android SDKs for Gingerbread and above

2. Follow procedures at (follows)

3. Download Processing if wanted for programming on the phone from
– Install Processing (extract into folder of choice)
– Start processing, find default folder in preferences
– Download add-on libraries from
– Extract add-on libs into the default Processing sketch folder, libraries subfolder
– Re-start Processing, set mode to android (select sdk folder)

4. Download Arduino 1.0 Beta (!) from
– Install (extract into folder of choice)
– Download extra libs from
– Download the MicroBridge Arduino library from
– Extract add-on libs into the default Arduino sketch folder, libraries subfolder
– Problem when compiling the example: wiring.h is missing!
– Download the last official Arduino IDE version (022) and extract into temp folder
– Copy the file <arduino-1.0-beta1 main folder>hardwarearduinocoresarduinowiring.h
<arduino-1.0-beta1 main folder>hardwarearduinocoresarduinowiring.h

5. If you do not want to set things up difficultly, but have instant reward:
– Look at the Seedstudio wiki:
– Copy the sample code SeeeduinoADKDemo.pde into the Arduino IDE, test compile
– Change the LED from 12 to 13 (the on-board LED)
– Compile, upload to board
– Compile/upload the example Android application from to phone
– Connect board to PC for power, phone to board
– Start the demo app on the phone, toggle the on-board LED

6. Start thinking about the ADK apporach to this 😉

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